College Savings Fund

Thinking about a college savings fund to finance your children’s college education it can seem to be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider when selecting a college savings plan. As with any savings goal, individual factors such as time horizon, risk tolerance, investment preferences and tax situation need to be considered and weighed in order to select the most suitable savings plan.  In addition, special consideration needs to be given to who will actually own the college funds as the decision is likely to impact the availability of financial aid in the future.

At Jetway Financial we’ve developed a process that combines our wealth management philosophies with the latest web-based technology.  This process gives us insights based on you particular financial state an enables us to  determine the most appropriate plan, funding amount and allocation to help you achieve your college saving fund goals.

With this process we can help you make sound financial planning choices within a 529 college savings fund, regardless of account size or where the plan is held.  Our process will ensure that you have bi-annual reviews of the account, recommendations that are aligned with your financial goals and personal contact with your advisor to adapt and change as your child approaches college.  As is the case with everything we do, our primary goal with this service is to earn your trust by the keeping the focus on you, your family and your overall college savings fund financial goals.

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