Tax Free Retirement

Jetway Financial, Inc. develops tax free retirement strategies with sophisticated wealth management solutions to interested parties. As a Private Banking firm we assist our clients in achieving their retirement planning goals through secure investment alternatives, in a past instance our team assisted  a client in uncovering an additional $7000 per month in passive income all within the span of one hour! We educate business owners and individuals on secret codes of wealth to  achieve their retirement goals years ahead of schedule. Our most popular ideas and insights helps our clients secure  hundreds of thousands of dollars more in secure assets, when compared to their former plans.

We are committed to personal finance and work with other financial professionals, insurance agents, tax advisers and attorneys to create intelligent entity structures, developing passive income streams, implementation of cutting edge tax reduction strategies, secure tax-free retirement solutions, establishment of self-directed retirement plans, personal private banking solutions and perpetual generational wealth strategies. We help our clients keep more of the money they make as they pay the absolute legal minimum in taxes!

Like many financial institutions we reduce risk by seeking assets that already have equity, security and a healthy return. We provide several non-stock market related secure investment alternatives that provide contractual returns that are secured by life insurance companies, government pensions, real estate and automobiles. These are time tested and proven secure institutional investment alternatives that have been historically reserved for banks, insurance companies, government, hedge funds and the financial elite. This is where banks, insurance companies, hedge funds and the financial elite park their money!

Our approach to wealth management is based on personalized account planning, risk minimization,  and tax efficiency. Our financial planning and investment alternative programs are carefully linked. We work to protect the wealth you have already accumulated by thoroughly evaluating and minimizing the risks you face. Then we establish a plan for growing your wealth, so that you can move toward your most important financial goals.

Communication is key to our tax free retirement approach. We want you to be fully informed about the implementation of your personalized investment strategy. As an independent Private Banker, we are under no obligation to recommend specific financial products. Our bankers do not have to satisfy sales or earning quotas. We build tax free investment strategies based on your family’s needs and priorities.

Our clients have full access to the accumulated experience of our entire firm. Our success is determined by our ability to help you build financial security and become financially independent. We are realistic in our goal setting and conservative in our investment alternative approach. Our commitment is to earn your trust and confidence by being objective and independent, offering you the highest-quality tax free retirement strategies.

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